A video production company specializing in crafting personalized financial aid videos for colleges faced a significant challenge. Manual spreadsheet transformations complicated their video rendering process. To address this issue the video production company chose to partner with Jahnel Group. We are a software consulting firm renowned for its expertise in AWS Lambda with a proven track record of optimizing cost and time savings for clients. 

The serverless data pipeline, validated by Lambda and orchestrated by Step Functions, reduced rendering time and enabled faster delivery of personalized videos to clients. The solution offered scalability, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced efficiency while setting the foundation for future growth.


About Our Customer:

A prominent figure in the field of video production, our customer excels in the dynamic realm of personalized video content creation. They are adept at creating customized financial aid videos, and they are dedicated to addressing the unique needs of educational institutions.

Leveraging their prowess in scriptwriting, video editing, and the art of videography, our customer crafts exquisite videos that narrate intricate financial aid information to eager prospective students. With an unwavering focus on personalized narratives, they orchestrate captivating connections between educational institutions and their desired audience.


Navigating the Challenge:

As our customer’s client base expanded, they encountered a scaling problem due to the manual transformations required for rendering personalized videos. With each new college sending a CSV spreadsheet containing extensive student data, the customer’s employees had to manually manipulate the data to match the required format for video rendering. This labor-intensive process was time-consuming, error-prone, and not scalable.

If this challenge were not addressed, several consequences could arise. Manual data transformations would continue to consume valuable time and resources, limiting the company's capacity to handle a growing number of clients efficiently. They would be forced to hire additional staff solely for the purpose of performing these manual tasks, resulting in increased costs. The risk of errors and inconsistencies in the video production process would persist, negatively impacting the quality and accuracy of the personalized videos. This could potentially lead to dissatisfaction among clients and a negative impact on the customer's reputation in the industry.


The JG Solution:

To address the customer's challenge, Jahnel Group implemented a comprehensive solution that leveraged AWS services to automate the video production process and eliminate the need for manual data transformations.

The primary AWS services used in the solution were AWS Lambda, Step Functions, and AWS CloudFormation. AWS Lambda played a crucial role in the serverless architecture by hosting the code and executing it in response to specific events. Lambda functions were utilized to validate the incoming CSV spreadsheets, perform the required data transformations, and trigger the rendering process on the render farm.

Step Functions provided the orchestration and coordination of Lambda functions, enabling the creation of a serverless data pipeline. Step Functions allowed for the sequencing and coordination of different tasks, ensuring the data flowed seamlessly from validation to transformation to rendering. By leveraging Step Functions, the solution achieved a scalable and efficient workflow for video production.

AWS CloudFormation was utilized for infrastructure management and automation. It allowed the partner to define and provision the required AWS resources, such as Lambda functions and Step Functions, in a consistent and reproducible manner. CloudFormation templates were used to create the necessary resources and establish the serverless architecture, enabling easy deployment and management of the solution.

The partner solution automated the previously manual process by implementing a Lambda-based data pipeline. When a CSV spreadsheet was received, the Lambda function validated the data format and integrity. Once validated, the Lambda function automatically performed the necessary transformations on the data, ensuring it was in the correct format for video rendering. The transformed data was then sent to the render farm, where the videos were generated using Adobe After Effects.

Results and Benefits:

The implementation of the partner solution delivered significant results and benefits for the customer. The automation of the video production process using AWS Lambda functions and Step Functions yielded tangible improvements in terms of time savings, cost reduction, and operational efficiency.

By automating the previously manual data transformations and rendering process, the customer experienced a reduction in video production time. The time required to process and render personalized videos, which previously took hours or even days, was reduced to a matter of seconds. This drastic improvement in turnaround time enabled the customer to deliver videos to their clients much faster, enhancing customer satisfaction and allowing for quicker dissemination of vital financial aid information to prospective students.

In terms of cost savings, the automated solution provided notable advantages for the customer. By eliminating the need for manual data transformations, the company was able to save on labor costs. Instead of hiring additional employees or interns solely for data manipulation, the automated pipeline handled the task efficiently and accurately. This translated into significant cost savings for the customer, reducing their overall operating expenses and increasing profitability.

The automated solution enhanced operational efficiency by minimizing errors and inconsistencies in the video production process. The accuracy and consistency of the rendered videos were greatly improved, ensuring a high-quality end product for the customer’s clients. This contributed to the company's reputation for delivering personalized and engaging financial aid videos, strengthening its position in the industry.


Why the Customer Chose Jahnel Group:

Jahnel Group's proficiency with AWS Lambdas and track record in scaling applications qualified them to take on the customer's challenge. Their extensive experience in handling complex technology implementations and optimizing workflows made them well-suited for addressing the specific challenges faced by the customer. Additionally, we have a proven track record in scaling applications and managing projects involving large data volumes. Leveraging our understanding of AWS Lambda's capabilities, Jahnel Group designed and implemented a solution that efficiently streamlined the video production process.

Jahnel Group excels in streamlining the transformation of customer concepts into fully launched digital products. With Jahnel Group's established process and dedicated development team, they can supplement existing projects and offer valuable assistance throughout the entire development process.


About Jahnel Group

Jahnel Group is a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies leverage technology to improve their business operations. We provide end-to-end strategic consulting and deployment services, helping companies optimize their operations and reduce costs through the use of technology. We are an Advanced Tier AWS Services Partner, with expertise in AWS OpenSearch, AWS Lambdas, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and other AWS services.

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