Jahnel Group Earns Service Delivery Designation for AWS Lamba

Jahnel Group proudly announces its attainment of the prestigious Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Delivery designation for Lambda. Achieving the designation showcases Jahnel Group's standing as a distinguished member of the AWS Partner Network (APN). This recognition also validates our technical skill and commitment to implementing advanced cloud solutions for our partners.

To acknowledge this achievement President Jon Keller stated, “We’re immensely proud to have achieved the Service Delivery Designation for Lambda. At Jahnel Group, our dedication to leveraging the AWS platform has always been about delivering unmatched value to our clients. This designation not only reaffirms our expertise but also underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.”

The Jahnel Group team harnesses AWS Lambda to drive efficiency and innovation for our clients. One standout case involved a personalized financial aid video production company. By employing AWS Lambda, orchestrated via Step Functions and managed through AWS CloudFormation, we slashed rendering times, cut costs significantly, and improved operational efficiency by eliminating manual spreadsheet transformations.

AWS is creating adaptable, economical, and scalable solutions for both startups and global enterprises. In order to assist with the smooth incorporation and rollout of these solutions AWS established the Service Delivery Program. This initiative helps customers recognize APN Consulting Partners who possess expertise in delivering distinct AWS services.

If you're aiming to optimize your organization’s performance, Jahnel Group stands as your strategic partner to leverage the advanced capabilities of cloud solutions and AWS.


About Jahnel Group:

Jahnel Group is a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies leverage technology to improve their business operations. We provide end-to-end strategic consulting and deployment services, helping companies optimize their operations and reduce costs through the use of technology. Jahnel Group is an Advanced Tier AWS Services Partner, with expertise in AWS Lambdas, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and other AWS services.

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